Thursday, 16 June 2016

Tips to Find The Best Company For Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi

Are you planning a family trip to Dubai? Have you found the right company for desert safari. You must be thinking why I am asking about a company for desert safari. Actually, the most adventurous thing when visiting Dubai is the desert safari in Abu Dhabi. There are people who go there just to enjoy the desert safari. The maximum fun is possible only when you find a right company. 

There are many factors that impact your experience like the quality of food, charges and accommodation. So, when choosing a company for a desert safari in abu dhabi, you need to check many things. Check the important points to keep in mind when selecting a company.

Group Size : If you are an international visitor, you might not be aware of different types of camps and group sizes. So it is better to ask about the group size and the camps to make the best choice. The options include:
    Shared camp with other companies for the people who look for more affordable options. The problem with this option is zero control of your company on the facilities provided in the camp.

    Large private camps owned by the safari companies with accommodation facility for around 50 to 600 guests. The problem with this option is the absence of personalized service.
    Small private camp available for the couples, families and the groups who visit the location to celebrate some special occasion. Though there are limited options for these camps, you get customized services there.
    For an ultimate safari experience, you can also go for private set-up with dedicated staff to cater to your every requirement. 

Staff : Some safari companies have their own staff while others rely on the freelance staff. Though freelance staff can also be good, it is always better to give preference to a company that has its own staff as with this there will be no risk of a bad experience. With freelance staff, you can never be relaxed about the great experience. They can ruin the whole trip at any time. Choose a company that promises to offer you trained safari guides. 

Type of drive : When going to Abu Dhabi for a desert safari, you get two choices of the drive: Dune bashing and wildlife safari. If you are perfectly fit, don’t have body ailment, traveling alone or with friends and love motorsport, dune bashing is the perfect choice for you. If you are traveling with kids, old age people or want to enjoy the safari for a longer period, wildlife drive is a better option as the dune safari will last just for 10 to 30 minutes. 

Price : This is the major consideration of everyone when looking for a safari company. Though you get what you pay for, there are some companies like Abu Dhabi Desert Safari, which offer amazing desert safari choices in the budget. There are different types of desert safaris available in Dubai. Based on your budget and preference you can pick the suitable option for a memorable experience.

Don’t just go by the Google suggestions : Though Google is one of the most reliable options to find anything when choosing a desert safari company; you cannot rely only on one option. Visit different travel websites, read the reviews, talk to friends or colleagues who have already been there and then make the right selection. Make a checklist of preferences and finalize the company that meets your all expectations.
Now you are armed with all the important factors to find a right desert safari company in Abu Dhabi, get ready to experience the most memorable trip of your life.

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